Man, oh man, did I get a deal today! And I just have to show off what I got :)

Pretty pink sweater

From Goodwill: $3.75. Still had the original tag on it (full retail: $37.00). And contrary to popular belief, redheads CAN look good in pink. Why must someone always make their way into my photos?

Grey military-ish coat

From Peebles. Marked down to $27 on clearance. Kill price down to $5.99. Plus my 25% off coupon and my 20% associate discount. I paid $3.59!!!!

Black and white houndstooth coat

From Peebles. I paid $3.59 for this, also!!!!

Teal Etienne Aigner satchel

And now for the biggest mother trucker of a bargain----EVAH!

Keep in mind, this is a real leather purse, originally priced at $148.
It went on clearance and was marked down to $44.40.
The kill price for this item was $9.99!
But wait--I'm not done yet. Don't forget my 25% coupon and 20% discount.
I paid $6.00!!!! That's a total savings of $142.

Well, I've had a great day. Have you? :)


I really love my birthday! Birthdays = family & fun!

We spent the weekend in Boone with my parents and brother, which means a trip to Goodwill!

Five items from two different stores. I had already changed the ribbon and buttons and added the flower on the bunny. I got the motocross bike for Ben. He pretended to be excited. :)

BIG purple bag!

From JCP. I need major purse space for our trip to Phoenix in April. How could I go wrong? It's big and purple!

I even got a few presents.

WWI inspired boots from my parents and brother. Pardon the flash.

Craft storage from my hubs.

"But that's a tool box," you say. And you're right. It's gonna hold all of my crafting crap!!!

Craft books :)

More awesomeness from Ben.

I'm totally looking forward to spring.....

I have the best asst. manager at my job :)

Looking forward to 28.

It'll be a great year :)


I have had no creativity or motivation for weeks. I'm tired of cold weather (it makes me lazy) and my job that doesn't pay near enough for the stress is causes.

But I'm working on it. I am happy that February is finally over! And next Monday is my birthday!! Sounds like things are already looking up.

Plus, I did make this today.

No more headbands strewn about the bathroom! But only if I put the headbands where they belong......We'll see how that works.

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