Decluttering and a Nursery

Happy New Year! It's far from the summer my last update highlighted. 2012 is starting out cold and windy. But that's perfect weather to begin cutting through the junk we have stuck away in all corners of the house. And since I seem to struggle with where to begin or fizzle out because I'm overwhelmed after two days of cleaning, I found the perfect declutter guide.

Yay! Dejunking made simple! Instead of trying to tackle the junk all at once, I can focus on one task at a time.

Why am I so amped about cleaning this place up? Besides having lived here for a couple years (and Ben since 2007) and accumulating lots of stuff, come late May all focus will be on a new addition to the family. So why not have the house in shape in time for a baby?

Here's the space for the future nursery, already mostly decluttered, mind you! :)

What is with this house and pink? Remember the front porch?? The entire room, save the ceiling, is PINK!

That includes all the baseboards and even the hinges and door knobs.

This will be quite the transformation so stay tuned!! :)

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