Little Bear didn't make it. Last Saturday he had to go to the vet for dehydration because his mother wouldn't nurse anymore and he wouldn't take in fluids on his own. We tried on our own but we couldn't get enough fluids in him with any eyedropper alone. They put him on fluids at the vet but he wasn't going to be able to make it on his own.

Being a part of an animal shelter has lots of positives but things like this will never be easy. Despite this, I wouldn't give up my volunteer position for anything!

People for Pets

Meet Little Bear

One of our People for Pets cats had three kittens on July 3. And shortly after, a little orphan was added to the bunch to make four kittens. So now the mama kitty is all out of milk and a couple of the kittens aren't ready to be eating on their own, one of which is Little Bear. And guess who gets to take care of him and make sure he eats! :)

He's still so little--he can sit in my hand.

Ben says I shouldn't get attached to him.....but who wouldn't love this little face!!


Sing a song of flowers, flowers all around
Flowers that are growing, growing in the ground
Flowers of each color make a pretty view
Red and orange and yellow,
Blue and purple, too
My zinnias are in full bloom and I love them!! :)

They Call Me Mellow Yellow

Yellow is such a happy, warm color. Afterall, sunshine is yellow light and who doesn't love the sun! I'd been trying to pick an accent color for our gray bedroom and finally landed on the color yellow. So the first official yellow piece in our bedroom is my jewelry box given to me by my mom. But it didn't start out yellow. Oh no, it had to be painted! :)

Before picture. Notice I got a little ahead of myself and started sanding before taking pictures.

All the pieces. Unfortunately, the knobs are not removable.

As sanded as it's going to get.

Pineapple delight! So 'pritty.'

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