Deck the Halls!


My $7 homemade tree.

My Christmas cactus! Although, it's been more of a Valentine's Day cactus the past 4 years. But by the looks of the blooms it might actually live up to its name this year!

I painted this nativity set in school way back in 1st or 2nd grade. We all made a set as a Christmas gift for our parents. But before you get all up in arms and call the ACLU let me mention that I attended Trinity Lutheran School. :)

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!

O Christmas Tree!

We have three Christmas trees up in our house. Two are in our living room where the cats spend 97% of their time. We had no problems last year as Gomer is an older cat and doesn't get excited about much, while Mo fears and runs from almost everything. But this is our first Christmas with Hattie, who is now 5-6 months old. And she can be a terror.

This is her first official Christmas picture. I think she looks like trouble but she never touched the tree and even took a nap beneath it.

And here she is again snoozing under the tree. I'm surprised.

And finally, out little MoBear hanging out on her new 'bed.' Sorry about the scary eyes.

So was I wrong to assume Hattie would be swinging from the star at the top of the tree? I think not. It is only December 1st, after all. :]

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