I really love my birthday! Birthdays = family & fun!

We spent the weekend in Boone with my parents and brother, which means a trip to Goodwill!

Five items from two different stores. I had already changed the ribbon and buttons and added the flower on the bunny. I got the motocross bike for Ben. He pretended to be excited. :)

BIG purple bag!

From JCP. I need major purse space for our trip to Phoenix in April. How could I go wrong? It's big and purple!

I even got a few presents.

WWI inspired boots from my parents and brother. Pardon the flash.

Craft storage from my hubs.

"But that's a tool box," you say. And you're right. It's gonna hold all of my crafting crap!!!

Craft books :)

More awesomeness from Ben.

I'm totally looking forward to spring.....

I have the best asst. manager at my job :)

Looking forward to 28.

It'll be a great year :)


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