Man, oh man, did I get a deal today! And I just have to show off what I got :)

Pretty pink sweater

From Goodwill: $3.75. Still had the original tag on it (full retail: $37.00). And contrary to popular belief, redheads CAN look good in pink. Why must someone always make their way into my photos?

Grey military-ish coat

From Peebles. Marked down to $27 on clearance. Kill price down to $5.99. Plus my 25% off coupon and my 20% associate discount. I paid $3.59!!!!

Black and white houndstooth coat

From Peebles. I paid $3.59 for this, also!!!!

Teal Etienne Aigner satchel

And now for the biggest mother trucker of a bargain----EVAH!

Keep in mind, this is a real leather purse, originally priced at $148.
It went on clearance and was marked down to $44.40.
The kill price for this item was $9.99!
But wait--I'm not done yet. Don't forget my 25% coupon and 20% discount.
I paid $6.00!!!! That's a total savings of $142.

Well, I've had a great day. Have you? :)


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