Lofty Listy

I'm well aware that most of these tasks will not be completed this summer. Right about now I'm missing the free summers that came with teaching. But my new job will be amping up on July 1st, which means I'll just have to make better use of my free time! :)

 White cabinet—paint
 Cream desk—paint white/cover inside drawers
 Desk chair—paint white/refurbish
 Cream dresser—paint white/cover inside drawers
 Black headboard—paint white

House interior:
o Paint downstairs—2nd coat Basketweave
o Paint baseboards/trim—gloss white
o Stairway frame gallery
o Paint bathroom ceiling
o Back hallway—Adobe White
o New bedroom color

• Flagstone patio
• New deck (dream big!)

I'll post each project I finish. Here's to getting stuff done!!


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