Interview with a 1 month old

Name: Emma Lee Doehrmann 
Birthday: 24 May 2012 
Height: 21" 
Weight: 10lbs, 11 oz. The Dr. said the weight gain was 'impressive.' What did he really mean by that? 
Age: One month, yesterday. But who's counting.

Skills & Abilities: 
ninja-like vomiting 

crying without taking breaths 

escaping from swaddles like Houdini 

riding in the Snugli 

listening to The Beatles (especially the Abbey Road side-two medley—because that’s all my mom can think of to sing to me when I’m throwing a fit) 

working in the garage with Dad

Favorite pastimes: 
taking warm baths


filling up my britches 

watching baby TV 

throwing gang signs

In just 11 days.......

........ I have learned a whole slew of new things.

  • childbirth isn't that scary
  • babies aren't as breakable as I had previously thought
  • it actually IS possible to take a 3 minute shower
  • breastfeeding isn't for everyone--you're a lifesaver, Medela!
  • baby clothing makers need to find something better than those impossible little snaps
  • projectile pooping 
  • I can't keep a thought in my head for more than 5 seconds. I'm getting good at making lists
  • babies are a lot more fun when they're yours :)

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