3 months old and a wedding!

Someone's 3 months old today! 
And we're pretty sure she's teething. But at least I got a good smile out of her.

In other news......my brother.............



At least Cassie makes up for his lack of normalcy. 

Who am I kidding? He's not the only one a little off kilter! :)

Missing Me

I will preface this post with the following: 
These are my honest feelings. You may not agree with them and I don't expect you to. But please don't try to make me feel guilty for feeling the way I do. 
And if you do, I with climb through my computer and mess you up! :)

Is identity loss a normal feeling after having kids? 
I think moms don't talk about this sort of thing for fear of looking like a bad parent. 

But I'm saying it:  I miss my old life. I miss ME! 
And I don't feel bad about that. I don't think I should feel bad about missing how things used to be.

I miss sleeping through the night. 
I miss going on motorcycle rides.
I miss getting to do my hair every day. (I really, really, REALLY miss this!!)
I miss going wherever I wanted whenever I felt like it.
I miss work....mainly because I was in charge and things generally went how I wanted. :)
I miss having free time!!! (I started this post early this afternoon and didn't get to finish it until tonight!)

And I really dislike being asked how I feel about being a mom. Because I know what they want to hear. 


My response is more like, "It's hard but I like it for the most part." 
I'm sorry, you didn't like my answer? Then don't ask the question in the first place.

Look, none of this means that I wish I weren't a mom. See what a cutie she is??

But I'm allowed to miss parts of my life now that I have a baby.

And I don't have to feel bad about it. 

I feel better getting that out there. :)

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