All I wanted for Christmas was my shoulder back in place

This was a first.

The day before Christmas eve we were headed to my parents' from our hotel in Boone when I slipped on the ice while getting into our car. And I had such a death grip on the door to keep myself up that my shoulder got ripped right out of its socket. Ouch. But to my credit I didn't cry--woohoooo!

After 3 hours in the emergency room and being put under, my should was successfully back in place.
Side note: the doctor needed to make sure that I wasn't pregnant before I was put out. But apparently being on BC and being on my period is not enough proof for not being pregnant. And for those of you who think this is a funny way of making a pregnancy announcement--you're crazy!!!! : )

So here I am wearing my stupid sling.

But this picture is deceiving. I hardly wear the thing. How in the world is a mom of a 7 m/o supposed to take care of her child and home with one arm -- AND I'm right-handed! 

But on a better note, Emma had a good Christmas. She got some pretty cool 'old-school' toys. And my 'old-school' I mean fun toys that don't require batteries for sound and lights. 

And I got this cool little thing. It's a Nexus 7. I'm still learning it. And Ben enjoys it, too. : )

See you all in 2013!!!!


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