Pet hair, be gone!

Pet hair makes me crazy. Just laying there in the carpet looking all N.A.S.T.Y.

I love cats but not their shedding. And brushing them isn't part of my daily routine nor is it that easy.
And now that Emma's crawling around, I'm even more annoyed by it. I vacuum twice a week and even that's not enough to clean the most stubborn areas harboring cat hair. 

I needed a simple solution.

"How about getting rid of your cats? Haha!"

Do you want to be hit?

Anyway, this is what I've found to work. 

Just spray the affected area with a light mist of water, rake carpet/rug with rubber rake or squeegee, and vacuum. It's magic!!
Actually, it's more of an arms and abs workout. But it works!

Here's our cat hair magnet--the dining room rug. 

The cats sleep here all the time because of the sunlight. 
And I hate this rug. 

Not only does it hold on to cat hair like grim death, it also breaks dining room rug 'etiquette.' 
*Your dining room rug should be large enough so that when each chair is slid back from the table, like when someone's getting up after a meal, the chair legs should still be on the carpet.*

Now you know.

I cleaned this rug using aforementioned technique yesterday. The results = AMAZING! Did I document before and after pictures? Not a chance.

So here's one of our kitchen rugs. It gets walked on all day. It's dingy, the fibers are all matted, and there's cat hair and junk all over it. 

And after a good raking and vacuuming? Ta-Daaaa! 

Can't tell a difference from the picture but standing here in person it's like night and day. 

Now, go get rid of your own pet hair and save what's left of your sanity. :)


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