Shirt alterations

But first, killing time waiting for spring. 

Suuuper excited here

Bustin out!

Chillin on a pile of toys

Looking for spring

If anyone has a built-in playground in their house, please call me!

Okay, I say I 'altered' a shirt and not 'tailored' because, to me, tailoring is done by an expert. So be advised, my sewing skills are below novice. :)

At the beginning of March I turned 25+5, otherwise known as 30. :)
And I have a confession to make.
I still shop in the juniors department.

It's true.

Not exclusively, though. A cute top here and there.

Found a fun top online at Forever 21 last summer and it was on clearance for $5.
I ordered a large because *typically* juniors sizes run itty bitty. And I have a big rib cage, ok?? ;)

When it arrived I thought it looked a little big. But the cut of the shirt was supposed to be flowy. So I tried it on and it was a friggin' tent! And I had just had Emma and was soooo over wearing big clothes.

I almost took it to Goodwill but the 'diy-er' in me had to keep it just in case I could somehow fix it.

And now I'm finally getting around to making those alterations.

All right, here's the shirt. 

And as you can see, I have already chalked a line down each side and pinned where I want to sew. There was no measuring involved. I just eyeballed it.

On each side I ran a straight stitch and a zig-zag stitch down the length of the shirt.

Lastly, I cut off the excess fabric and I now have a better fitting shirt

Now to wait for summer,

One more picture. We're in double digits!

Always use a level.

Behold! The closet space in our bedroom.

Problem: outdated hardware. Blech.

Solution: new drawer pulls, door hinges, and door knobs.

New problem: a previous owner either did not own or did not know how to use a level when drilling holes for drawer pulls. Anyone else see it? Because it can't just be me.

Here's a closeup.

See how that middle bubble is NOT IN THE MIDDLE?? 
Drives me crazy but not enough to fix it. :)

My closet

See all the wasted storage space taken up by my shoes? Plus, it's hard to tell, but that beautiful paint color is a toothpaste mint green.

Improved closet. 

Painted it white and moved the shoes off the floor onto a few shower curtain rods acting as shelves (saw it on Pinterest). So now there is storage space in the back and room for my boots, too.

And let me clarify, that Tena box in the back of my closet came from a nursing home. 
I do not wear adult diapers. :)


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