Always use a level.

Behold! The closet space in our bedroom.

Problem: outdated hardware. Blech.

Solution: new drawer pulls, door hinges, and door knobs.

New problem: a previous owner either did not own or did not know how to use a level when drilling holes for drawer pulls. Anyone else see it? Because it can't just be me.

Here's a closeup.

See how that middle bubble is NOT IN THE MIDDLE?? 
Drives me crazy but not enough to fix it. :)

My closet

See all the wasted storage space taken up by my shoes? Plus, it's hard to tell, but that beautiful paint color is a toothpaste mint green.

Improved closet. 

Painted it white and moved the shoes off the floor onto a few shower curtain rods acting as shelves (saw it on Pinterest). So now there is storage space in the back and room for my boots, too.

And let me clarify, that Tena box in the back of my closet came from a nursing home. 
I do not wear adult diapers. :)



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