Summer List

Actually, there isn't a list. I'm keeping productivity expectations low this summer. :)
Mainly because I spend a large chunk of my day chasing this kid around!

So, to keep her corralled when I want to accomplish something, we got this!!

It's a kid's playpen, not a dog pen. Although, the box does show that you can also use it for a dog. But it's for kids, so stop judging. :)

Anyway, instead of making a list and then feeling unproductive for not completing the list, I'll give us a pat on the back for what we HAVE gotten done so far this summer.

Deck has been replaced. The old one was held together by probably 5 screws.

Way to go, Ben!!!

Summer curb appeal has been completed.

Flower beds are planted. I swear those aren't all weeds!

Cute bench and potted plants are in place.

We held a successful garage sale. Sorry, no picture of all our junk! :)

Here's hoping we can keep up this momentum throughout the entire summer!!


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