July and August

Here's the rest of our summer in photos.

 Lots of swimming

 Beach vacation! Just kidding, spent a day at Okoboji.

Flowers grew.

 Grass died, weeds thrived.

 First pair of biker boots!

 Sertoma Butterfly House 

Project: Redo Bedroom Furniture

 Apparently this is how you're supposed to dress to use sandpaper.

Decorating our bedroom has been a 4 year ordeal. Now that the furniture all matches all that's left is to fix the ceiling, replace the ceiling fan, and maybe some new carpet. :) Riiiight.

Good summer. :)

Summer List

Actually, there isn't a list. I'm keeping productivity expectations low this summer. :)
Mainly because I spend a large chunk of my day chasing this kid around!

So, to keep her corralled when I want to accomplish something, we got this!!

It's a kid's playpen, not a dog pen. Although, the box does show that you can also use it for a dog. But it's for kids, so stop judging. :)

Anyway, instead of making a list and then feeling unproductive for not completing the list, I'll give us a pat on the back for what we HAVE gotten done so far this summer.

Deck has been replaced. The old one was held together by probably 5 screws.

Way to go, Ben!!!

Summer curb appeal has been completed.

Flower beds are planted. I swear those aren't all weeds!

Cute bench and potted plants are in place.

We held a successful garage sale. Sorry, no picture of all our junk! :)

Here's hoping we can keep up this momentum throughout the entire summer!!

Emma Turned 1

One year later, 

the baby weight is gone

there is still a sore spot just under my ribs where Emma used to kick before she was born

hospital bills have all been paid

a box of diapers lasts so much longer

burp rags are a thing of the past

bedtime is easier

bath time continues to be a favorite

busy little feet tippy toe around the house

there is more laughter than crying

we all sleep through the night

black beans are the food of choice

the house is never completely toddler proofed

toys clutter our home

little hands are into everything

My brain is not able to comprehend that there was once a time without her. 
We are daily blessed by our happy, beautiful, very busy little one-year-old.

Happy birthday, Emma!

Chasing Away the Monday Grumpies

Finding reasons to smile on a Monday in April that feels more like a Monday in February.

Someday (hopefully soon), these lilies of the valley will be the real thing from our backyard.

Afternoon coffee in my favorite mug.

Mad Men during nap time!

Nap time craft! Flip flop wreath. They were $1/pair from JCP. 
In a couple months it will be warm enough to hang on the front door. :)

Nap time is over. Back to work!!

Shirt alterations

But first, killing time waiting for spring. 

Suuuper excited here

Bustin out!

Chillin on a pile of toys

Looking for spring

If anyone has a built-in playground in their house, please call me!

Okay, I say I 'altered' a shirt and not 'tailored' because, to me, tailoring is done by an expert. So be advised, my sewing skills are below novice. :)

At the beginning of March I turned 25+5, otherwise known as 30. :)
And I have a confession to make.
I still shop in the juniors department.

It's true.

Not exclusively, though. A cute top here and there.

Found a fun top online at Forever 21 last summer and it was on clearance for $5.
I ordered a large because *typically* juniors sizes run itty bitty. And I have a big rib cage, ok?? ;)

When it arrived I thought it looked a little big. But the cut of the shirt was supposed to be flowy. So I tried it on and it was a friggin' tent! And I had just had Emma and was soooo over wearing big clothes.

I almost took it to Goodwill but the 'diy-er' in me had to keep it just in case I could somehow fix it.

And now I'm finally getting around to making those alterations.

All right, here's the shirt. 

And as you can see, I have already chalked a line down each side and pinned where I want to sew. There was no measuring involved. I just eyeballed it.

On each side I ran a straight stitch and a zig-zag stitch down the length of the shirt.

Lastly, I cut off the excess fabric and I now have a better fitting shirt

Now to wait for summer,

One more picture. We're in double digits!

Always use a level.

Behold! The closet space in our bedroom.

Problem: outdated hardware. Blech.

Solution: new drawer pulls, door hinges, and door knobs.

New problem: a previous owner either did not own or did not know how to use a level when drilling holes for drawer pulls. Anyone else see it? Because it can't just be me.

Here's a closeup.

See how that middle bubble is NOT IN THE MIDDLE?? 
Drives me crazy but not enough to fix it. :)

My closet

See all the wasted storage space taken up by my shoes? Plus, it's hard to tell, but that beautiful paint color is a toothpaste mint green.

Improved closet. 

Painted it white and moved the shoes off the floor onto a few shower curtain rods acting as shelves (saw it on Pinterest). So now there is storage space in the back and room for my boots, too.

And let me clarify, that Tena box in the back of my closet came from a nursing home. 
I do not wear adult diapers. :)


T-shirt to workout top

Got this shirt from my boss. I guess I've been know to say this phrase a time or two. 

Cool shirt but it's a men's and still too big after I shrank it. 

No problem!!

Here's what I did. 
Good thing there are so many creative, ingenious people out there for me to copy! :)

And this is my new workout shirt.

(please pardon the mess on the chair)

 Excuse me while I go lift some weights. 
Just kidding, I think I'll have some chocolate. :)

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