So much to do, good thing for summer!

I may not be employed and my teaching career may be on hold, for the time being, but that doesn't mean I don't have plenty to do!

My summer 'get er done' listy
::complete removal of river rock landscape, replace with bricks and mulch
::seed bald spots on the lawn

::re-stain deck
::install latticework under deck
::paint front porch
::basement walls--fix, cover, paint???
::build backyard patio (ha!)

We've already been working on this list. The riverrock removal began last summer and we finally scooped out the last rocks a few weeks ago. Brick boarder and mulch already installed. :)

The backyard spots have been seeded and we already have happy, green grasslings sprouting!

I am currently working on the front porch, post with pictures to come.

The backyard patio may be out of reach and we're not sure what to do with our pathetic basement walls.

Wish us luck! Anyone want to help?? :)


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