Deck the Halls!


My $7 homemade tree.

My Christmas cactus! Although, it's been more of a Valentine's Day cactus the past 4 years. But by the looks of the blooms it might actually live up to its name this year!

I painted this nativity set in school way back in 1st or 2nd grade. We all made a set as a Christmas gift for our parents. But before you get all up in arms and call the ACLU let me mention that I attended Trinity Lutheran School. :)

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!

O Christmas Tree!

We have three Christmas trees up in our house. Two are in our living room where the cats spend 97% of their time. We had no problems last year as Gomer is an older cat and doesn't get excited about much, while Mo fears and runs from almost everything. But this is our first Christmas with Hattie, who is now 5-6 months old. And she can be a terror.

This is her first official Christmas picture. I think she looks like trouble but she never touched the tree and even took a nap beneath it.

And here she is again snoozing under the tree. I'm surprised.

And finally, out little MoBear hanging out on her new 'bed.' Sorry about the scary eyes.

So was I wrong to assume Hattie would be swinging from the star at the top of the tree? I think not. It is only December 1st, after all. :]


TOTALLY slacking on my blog! I'll be back soon :)

And Baby (Kitty) Makes Three

Shortly after we had Little Bear there was another kitty at the shelter who needed some help. So I brought her home about a month ago and she's been here ever since. This is Hattie! :)

She's pretty much been accepted by Gomer and Mo. Gomer tolerates her pretty well and will run around and play with her.

Mo is a little less willing to play. She probably just needs a little more time. :)

Action shot!


Ben and I have a wedding to attend in Texas this October and that means I need to have a cute new outfit! And I got one.....for $20! Here's how:

The necklace I've had since I was 4 or 5 when my Grandma Dorothy passed away and I got her old jewelry box and the few items in it. One of said items was this necklace.

I've always wanted to wear the necklace but never liked the color or the length. So after hanging on to it for 20+ years (wow, that's weird to say!!) I finally made the changes for it to be wearable by spray painting the amber beads burgundy.

The shoes (which I forgot to do a 'before' and 'after') I've had for a few years. They were your standard peep toe Mary Jane for a few bucks at Payless. I also spray painted them burgunday.

The dress I picked up at Peebles for about $20 after a wonderful 40% coupon and my amazing 20% associate's discount! : )

Put that all together and I have my 'new' outfit for just $20!


Little Bear didn't make it. Last Saturday he had to go to the vet for dehydration because his mother wouldn't nurse anymore and he wouldn't take in fluids on his own. We tried on our own but we couldn't get enough fluids in him with any eyedropper alone. They put him on fluids at the vet but he wasn't going to be able to make it on his own.

Being a part of an animal shelter has lots of positives but things like this will never be easy. Despite this, I wouldn't give up my volunteer position for anything!

People for Pets

Meet Little Bear

One of our People for Pets cats had three kittens on July 3. And shortly after, a little orphan was added to the bunch to make four kittens. So now the mama kitty is all out of milk and a couple of the kittens aren't ready to be eating on their own, one of which is Little Bear. And guess who gets to take care of him and make sure he eats! :)

He's still so little--he can sit in my hand.

Ben says I shouldn't get attached to him.....but who wouldn't love this little face!!


Sing a song of flowers, flowers all around
Flowers that are growing, growing in the ground
Flowers of each color make a pretty view
Red and orange and yellow,
Blue and purple, too
My zinnias are in full bloom and I love them!! :)

They Call Me Mellow Yellow

Yellow is such a happy, warm color. Afterall, sunshine is yellow light and who doesn't love the sun! I'd been trying to pick an accent color for our gray bedroom and finally landed on the color yellow. So the first official yellow piece in our bedroom is my jewelry box given to me by my mom. But it didn't start out yellow. Oh no, it had to be painted! :)

Before picture. Notice I got a little ahead of myself and started sanding before taking pictures.

All the pieces. Unfortunately, the knobs are not removable.

As sanded as it's going to get.

Pineapple delight! So 'pritty.'

Finished Product!

The porch is finished. I had it done a couple weeks ago but never got around to posting pictures. If you recall, our porch used to be two different shades of pink. And if not, go back a few posts and check it out because I don't know how to link it here. :)

From pink to Angel Food Cake and Faded Blue. Please don't judge us by our porch junk

The ceiling took a total of 5 hours to paint: 1 coat primer, 2 coats blue. But well worth it. It's so pretty!

Yeah, yeah, the narsty floor is still there. But hey, it's not surrounded by pink walls anymore!

Porch pictures tomorrow. Os prometo! (I promise!)

Crap I Made

I'm still working on my front porch so in the meantime here's some crap I made from Goodwill finds.

I think I paid around $5 for all eight pieces. Lovely colors, aren't they?

I spray painted all the stands a bronzey color. Then, I hot glued the glass pieces to the tops of the stands.

And there you have it! Awesome crap I made. Made possible by people who donate to Goodwill. Thank you.

Out With the Cats

The cats and I were on our daily 'outing' and I decided to take a few pictures.
Gomer enjoys his little jungle area. He likes to lay under the day lilies and watch everything from his hiding place.

Mo is our little shy kitty. But she's certainly vocal. We're never quite sure what she's talking about, though. :)

My flowers have sprouted! But don't ask me what they are--I can't remember.

I love my fern! I've had it for 4 years now and it's still going strong.

Jess+Ben....awwww :)

All Dressed Up

The dresser space I was allotted in our bedroom was less than impressive, looks wise. And since the wood wasn't anything special I opted to paint it instead of staining it. But first, I had to sand it and use a little wood filler.

That's right, I'm rocking the socks and flip flops.

Here's the finished product! Three coats of Dark Granite colored paint. But there's a little surprise when the drawers are pulled out-----

Tah dah! The sides and insides of the drawers are painted Americana blue. Love it!

And the critics are pleased. :)

Happy Anniversary

Yesterday, Ben and I celebrated our first anniversary! And we're still laughing. : )

Bring on year two!!

Trade In

On Tuesday we traded in my trusty Mustang for a more winter reliable vehicle. So I said a tearful goodbye to my favoritest car ever and to driving like a moonshiner....

....and said hello to my new(ish), more responsible looking Ford Escape. It's a great car with nice heated leather seats, low miles, and lots of head room. I think I'll be able to get used to this.

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