All I wanted for Christmas was my shoulder back in place

This was a first.

The day before Christmas eve we were headed to my parents' from our hotel in Boone when I slipped on the ice while getting into our car. And I had such a death grip on the door to keep myself up that my shoulder got ripped right out of its socket. Ouch. But to my credit I didn't cry--woohoooo!

After 3 hours in the emergency room and being put under, my should was successfully back in place.
Side note: the doctor needed to make sure that I wasn't pregnant before I was put out. But apparently being on BC and being on my period is not enough proof for not being pregnant. And for those of you who think this is a funny way of making a pregnancy announcement--you're crazy!!!! : )

So here I am wearing my stupid sling.

But this picture is deceiving. I hardly wear the thing. How in the world is a mom of a 7 m/o supposed to take care of her child and home with one arm -- AND I'm right-handed! 

But on a better note, Emma had a good Christmas. She got some pretty cool 'old-school' toys. And my 'old-school' I mean fun toys that don't require batteries for sound and lights. 

And I got this cool little thing. It's a Nexus 7. I'm still learning it. And Ben enjoys it, too. : )

See you all in 2013!!!!

......a merry little Christmas

It may have taken me a little longer this year but I still got all my Christmas decorations up!

(She's my favorite decoration)

Emma has her own little Christmas tree.

But that doesn't keep her from exploring our big tree.

So from our little family to yours, 
have a very 
Merry Christmas!!

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