I don't like January.

Before I air my grievances, lots of things make me really happy: 
coffee, Cadbury creme eggs, getting to do my makeup each day (I'm serious), and candles, 
but especially this face.

But January always manages to kick my butt.

This is what's been making me crabby this January.

> This ad. Couldn't be more disgusted.  
> Winter (even as mild as it's been).
> Germs and illness and ignoramuses spreading germs and illness.
> Sitting at home because of weather and germs/illness.
> The color palette this time of year:  white, grey, and brown.
> Not being able to sleep.
> Emma's new napping schedule totally backfired on me. 

But I'm not the only crabby patty around here. :)

What makes Emma crabby:

* She's not allowed to chew on electrical cords
* She doesn't get to play with the TV remote/cell phones/computers
* Having to lie on her back so I can change her diaper
* Being forced to take naps
* Short naps 
* Getting dressed

Okay, one more time.

Smile! January's almost over!!!


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