Second Hand Stuff

My mom informed me that the last blog I posted was Christmas stuff so I should get a new one up :] So here you go, Mom!

After just a little rearranging in our living room we decided we needed some more cabinets/tables/furniture to fill up the empty wall space. Here's the cabinet we found at a second hand shop for $20. We still have about 7ft of space to fill on the other side of the TV but we're working on it!

(sorry the picture's a little dark. I didn't like the glare the camera flash was causing)

I hit up Goodwill today for the first since October! I managed to walk out with only 4 items.

I love the pair of shoes I got! They look like they might be old(ish), plus they (kinda) fit if I ever found a reason to wear them. :)

Another post coming tomorrow--yay!!


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