V-Day Project #2

Big red plastic plate! Price: $1.99

Heart image I found on the internet.

White vinyl from Wal-Mart. Price: $9.99 maybe?

Wish I had a Cricut. But I don't so I did everything the old fashioned way. So I printed out the heart image, cut it out, traced it onto the vinyl, and cut that out. All this took a steady hand and lots of concentration, especially since I was watching Erin Brockovich. I love that movie!

But I digress...

Peeled off the backing and stuck the heart on the plate.

But I didn't like the white so I dug out some black acrylic paint and added at coat of Modge Podge for shine.

Not my favorite project, maybe it's the shape of the heart. But it will still be displayed proudly. :)


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