Winter Decor

Remember how much I love Christmas?
I really do. And once it's all over it's hard for me to put away all the fun decor! Parting is such sweet sorrow. There's always a bit of an empty feeling once the house is back to 'normal.' So, instead of going back to normal I transitioned to winter! Normal can wait. :)

Thanks to this buffet that my mom was willing to part with, I have lots of nice display space! Pictures above the buffet are from our wintery yard.

I think I'm developing a thing for milk glass!

I so love this piece of furniture. I managed to keep out some winter colored Christmas balls (blue and silver). Oven safe serving bowl from Wal-Mart.

Pine and berries aren't just for Christmas since I can still see pine and berries from my windows.

My polar bear that sported poinsettias for Christmas now displays some piney sprigs.

Snowmen and snowflakes in white and silver.

As you can see, MoBear approves of the new winter decor.

Yay for winter decor!


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